Why ‘Fork in the Road’?

Many people have asked me “Why did you chose this unique name for your business?” I explain that it is something that we can relate to. We’ve all been there…. It is an comfortable time, but one of great opportunity for growth!

This ‘fork’ could be many different things. Physically, some have an ailment they need a solution to. Some clients are at an emotional impasse where they realize that they can’t continue any longer feeling as they do. For some people, they need to choose which direction to go in regarding a relationship, and mentally they are divided regarding the decision. Many today feel like they are trying to find ‘truth’, looking up at the road signs and not knowing which way to go; this is the area of spiritual rehabilitation.

If a client is ‘not sure where to start’ in a session, I will usually ask them: “Can you tell me how you are at a fork in the road in your life?” The conversation flows and the growth begins there … at that pivotal starting point.

Whatever road you happen to find yourself on, I am wishing you peace and clarity along the path!


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