If your organization is facing a fork in the road, it is time to engage new voices. By directly challenging accepted, conventional thinking, Dr. Cleverly’s work creates the space for new systems, new thoughts, and decisive change to occur. Her goal is to arm her clients with the tools and processes required to build the confidence necessary to lead successfully. Dr. Cleverly understands the challenges faced in this ever-changing world, and has the experience and body of work necessary to lead people beyond inspiration to real growth.

Dr. Cleverly’s speaking style maintains a balance between powerful, science based content and compelling delivery. In her talks, through a blend of vulnerability, storytelling, interpretation of current research, and the practical analysis and application of preeminent science, her audiences think, feel, and connect while attaining the means to develop their confidence and capability to lead others.

Dr. Cleverly understands the unique information sought by different audiences, and tailors her speaking engagements to suit their needs. She is a trained public speaker.