Are you at a Fork in the Road in your Life?

Which Path will You Choose?

The name “Fork in the Road” was chosen because clients need the most clarity when they are at a fork in the road in their lives. This time of transition may take on many forms. Dr. Cleverly’s focus is health; specializing in mental well-being; and in the relationship with all other parts of a person which play a role in such.

Your fork in the road may be physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual. Your relationship to yourself and your relationships with others can be transformed. If you are at a fork in the road, this may be an exciting time of growth for you!

Fork in the Road integrates effective modalities for clients, creating a structured and unique approach to well-being.

Utilizing training from both holistic and mainstream sources makes Dr. Cleverly’s approach truly unique. By providing Session Highlights – a simple review of topics discussed during each session and Opportunity Work – further reading or exercises to practice, clients grow as much between sessions as they do in session.

The goal is to provide clients with the tools that they need to regain their own stability, independence, and empowerment.

Dr. Cleverly’s training encompasses many disciplines — incorporating the physical aspects of Orthomolecular and Brain Health into Mental, Emotional and Energetic Well-Being to make this a truly holistic approach to health!

ABOUT Dr. Blythe Cleverly, PhD, DC’Ed, ROHP

Dr. Blythe Hollie Cleverly (Nee: Hunt-Last) has been in private practice near Moncton, NB for over a decade. She also previously practiced and taught at MEDIK Chronic Pain Medical Clinic in Dieppe, NB, working alongside Medical Doctors and other professionals.

People are naturally drawn to seek out Dr. Cleverly when they are at “a fork in the road” in their lives. This standstill might be on any level. Whatever the issue might be, clients are given the opportunity to “choose a clearer path”.

Education & Training

Blythe (AKA: Dr. Hollie) holds a PhD in Holistic Health through the University of Holistic Health and Healing, based out of the USA. She also has her Doctorate in CORE Education/Counselling and training in psychology through the American Society of Alternative Therapists and through Harvard University, both located in Massachusetts.

She has received education in the Maritimes, Montreal, Toronto and New York, alongside doctors and Nurses who taught Therapeutic Touch and Orthomolecular Medicine in hospitals worldwide. She is an Orthomolecular Health Practitioner and Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

She received her RHN designation through CSNN Moncton and ROHP through the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC), a governing board for practitioners worldwide. For six years, She served on the board as the director for Eastern Canada. She further served as the Eastern representative for the Canadian Society for Orthomolecular Medicine (CSOM) and the National Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA).

For a term of four years, she served as head instructor at CSNN Moncton, specializing in teaching mental health and energetic anatomy. Dr. Cleverly has educated various groups through seminars and workshops. In the past, she has dedicated part of her time to teaching self esteem seminars to the young and giving voluntary supplemental/nutritional support to those in addiction services. She has had the privilege to address the New Brunswick Health Counsel regarding implementing complimentary medicine into our government’s current health structure.

There are many modalities that Blythe is trained in, to aid her clients. She believes that knowledge is power and seeks to help others empower themselves. Her training also includes Neurolinguistic Programing, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Emotion Code, Psych-K, and other modalities not listed.

She is affiliated with the programs of Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinics, as a Brain Health Practitioner. In 2019 she participated in reading brain scans (including her own) at the Manhattan Clinic in NYC with Dr. Sandlin Lowe, Neuropsychiatrist and expert in Translational Clinical Neuroscience and Therapeutics.

Dr. Cleverly has also been trained in Mental Health First Aid through the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Before getting into the field of Alternative health, she had a background in Ecclesiastical teaching and training, which is useful at reframing belief systems for her clients.

She has had an established practice for over a decade (est. 2009), aptly named Fork in the Road – Holistic Health Services. In her practice, she addresses the ‘whole’ person. People are naturally drawn to seek out Dr. Cleverly when they are at “a fork in the road” in their lives. This standstill might be on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level.

Clients are encouraged to “Know their brain and harness their mind to untether themselves”.

Whatever the issue might be, they are given the opportunity to “Choose a clearer path” and are “Cleverly helped to move forward!”

In the province of NB, she is registered for naturotherapies through the APNN (Alliance Professionel Naturotherapists) located in Quebec, Canada since 2009. This membership is accepted in some provinces across Canada (Please note that this does not apply to BC.) Dr. Cleverly is not an Naturopathic Doctor nor a Medical doctor.

Blythe Cleverly is neither a Medical or Naturopathic Doctor, nor is she a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist. Her education is specific and unique. She will work alongside these others as her esteemed colleagues. If there are issues that fall outside of her scope of business practice, she is happy to refer you to others qualified in these fields for further assistance. She believes in a strong referral team of professionals, all practicing within their own expertise to give a client the very best, integrative approach to wellness.